Some Paintings by Jules

Please enjoy these special oil paintings I have done for both friends and family.
North Cape Light

The most northern lighthouse on Prince Edward Island serves as a beacon for fishing boats and other vessels to stear clear of the one mile reef that curves out into Gulf of St. Lawrence to the east and to the north and the Northumberland Strait to the west.

Oil on canvas: Owned by D.C. Burgevin, Trumansburg, New York.
Before the Wedding

Oil on Canvas. Commissioned work done from photograph for Clare Murphy and David Tauriello of the chapel (Alexandria, Virginia) in the hour before their celebration. Ceiling removed by the artist to let the light and the sky into the ceremony.

Owned by the creators of the event. Walkersville, Maryland.
Victoria by the Sea

One of the most beautiful villages on Prince Edward Island. Patti and Jules sat in the old cemetery east of the village, in the flowers on the hill where the sketch of this portrait was made. Looking out beyond to the south west is the Northumberland Strait and the hills of Nova Scotia in the distance.

Oil on canvas. Owned by K Garfing and R Singer, East Windsor, New Jersey.
The Ferry from Whitehead Island

Oil on canvas. Sketch made east of Anchorage Provincial Park, Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, Canada. The little red ferry is free and carries automobiles and people to Whitehead Island. The bright white granite rocks are to the right of the ferry slip as is the Long Point Lighthouse. The pink clouds in the far distance are over the Bay of Fundy and Nova Scotia.

Owned by K. Garfing and R. Singer
The Rourke Abbey

Commissioned oil on canvas (special dimensions) for K. Rourke. The official name of the Abbey is "Creevelea Abbey," located in County Leitrim, Ireland. Painting is based on family photos and recollections.

Owned by K. Rourke, Trumansburg, N.Y.
Northport Light

Oil on canvas. A painting of the new lighthouse standing beside the earlier lighthouse. Looking across Northport Harbour, Prince Edward Island, Canada, out across the sand dunes to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Shortly after the sketch was made a man and his daughter rowed the boat out of the painting.

Owned by K. Garfing and R. Singer.
Cayuga Lake

A special request from Patti M. Burgevin led to the creation of this oil painting. Sketched and photographed on the Long Point Road in the early fall south of Aurora, NY the view is of the Lake looking to the south and to the west as far as the Cayuga Indians-----and all of us----- could see.

Owned by Patti M. Burgevin, Trumansburg, NY
The Lafayette House

Oil on canvas board. Rescued in 1947 from deterioration by Florence May Eldredge Burgevin and her family, this Inn, which was built prior to 1824 was named after the Marquis de Lafayette when he visited Rhinebeck, NY. The Inn was an overnight stop for the post riders between the Hudson River and Boston prior to the railroad era. In the time she spent working to restore this beautiful Inn Florence operated an antique business. Her untimely death in November 1964 ended one of her great efforts of love.

Owned by Jules Burgevin, Trumansburg NY.
The Beekman Arms

The Beekman Arms is the "oldest hotel in America." It is located in Rhinebeck, NY. It recently hosted Hillary and Bill Clinton and their invited guests who came to dine with the Clintons before they all went to the Chelsea Clinton wedding just to the west and north on River Road at the Astor Estate. This oil on canvas painting was completed for Judith Burgevin Johnson who has it in her home in Croton-on-Hudson, NY.
White Mountains of New Hampshire

The White Mountains of New Hampshire is an oil on canvas painting that was created from photographs and from the imagination of the artist. The stream from deep in the mountains feeds the waterfall that can be seen in the center of the painting. This painting hangs in the living room of the home of Anne Elise Burgevin and her husband , Yao Agawu Kakraba, in State College, Pennsylvania.
Union Pacific

This is an oil painting of Engine 833 moving west out of Omaha. These powerful 800 series 4-8-4 Northerns----some with 80" driving wheels-----were one of the greatest engines made for the Union Pacific Railroad. Most of these steam locomotives saw their final days of moving freight trains by the late 1950s and by the mid-1960s almost all of them had been brought to the torches---- and were cut into scrap metal. Thus a whole era of steam powered engines passed into oblivion.
Love Nature

Oil on canvas-----of a desert scene in the south west of the United States. This painting captures the beauty of Nature-----and brings to mind the varied ways in which Mother Nature gives to us---her beauty. The warmth from the Earth and the hills and the changing colours in the blue sky.
Lunch at Manos

Manos Diner is located on the south side of Ithaca, NY----on Route 13------and is a well known landmark serving delicious Greek foods to all who come in the side door or come round to the front entrance. This large oil on canvas was done for D. C. Burgevin when he was in his pre-college years------driving tractor and trailers for the Ithaca Based Nichol Block and Brick Company----and prior to that-----driving tractor and trailers for two trucking companies in Texas. In this painting he has parked his Mack cab and trailer to go into the diner and devour a reuben sandwich with chips. Owned by D.C. Burgevin, Trumansburg, New York.
D'Amanda House

This portrait of one of the most beautiful historic homes in Pultneyville, N. Y. was competed in 1960. Google Pultneyville, N.Y and read through the historical significance of this extraordinary village. The D'Amanda House is on your right after you come into the village from Williamson, NY and when you turn right on the Lake Road it will be before you. Oil on canvas owned by Patricia M. Burgevin, Trumansburg, N.Y.----it is on the wall over our bed.
Apologies to Gidget

. . . for the Nuclear Age ------is the title of this oil on canvas which depicts the lightness and happiness of a child's view of life----on the left side of the painting, with the soft colours-----the rainbow image in the sky----in contrast with the nuclear warheads on the right side of the painting. An apology to children everywhere for the nuclear warheads waiting. . . which we have not yet removed (1945----2010) from our Living Earth.
Frank Curtis Farm

This oil on canvas--------depicts a scene------from the reality of Dutchess County, New York State-----on July 4, 1950. The painting was completed in 1986 but the memory of the event is there----telling its story. A fire in the old farm house of he Curtiss family was noticed on the hot sunny afternoon of July 4-----with several fire companies from surrounding villages being dispatched. The fire trucks and firemen had been at July 4th celebrations----and were in no condition to extinguish a working house fire as the painting depicts.
Hillsdale Farm

This large lovely oil on canvas painted in August 1974 is titled "In the Late Summer an Early Fall" The farm (a farmhouse, a barn and two outbuildings to the left and out of the painting-) was the Becker Farm when my mother bought it in 1958. It was located in North Hillsdale, NY which was not far from Great Barrington, MASS. The view is looking east across the front acres of the farm-----a cave to right and center------and a stream (out of view) further on in the tree line. The far hills with farm fields was the Dawson Farm. When my beloved mother Florence May Eldredge Burgevin passed into the cosmic energy---- suddenly----- on November 5, 1964 her remains were buried in the fenced plot section in the painting----and my father's ashes came to rest there in June 1966. Stop by to see the inscriptions on the two stones that rest there. This painting owned by Patricia M. Burgevin and it is on the south wall of our bedroom.
Turning to Starboard

It seems as if the large seagulls following the lone mariner in his white boat and large red canvas sail-----are speaking to the sailer------and moving the boat away from the rocks and the cliff that lie ahead and to the port side. Oil on canvas. 1964. The painting is owned by William and Truus Meyn, Summerville, South Carolina
Autumn in the Village Park, Marcellus, N.Y.

Oil on canvas. 1963. This painting was created after the birth of our youngest son, Peter Daniel Burgevin----who lived in the lovely home, by the creek and across from the park----- with David Curtiss, Anne Elise, our two older children----- and Patti and Jules. The beauty of Nature and the colours of fall that danced through the park. The painting is owned by William and Truus Meyn, Summerville, South Carolina.

"Biddo's childhood home." 24" x 36" oil on canvas 2011. A Christmas portrait present from Jeremy Downs to his wife Billie of her childhood home built by her father and mother on the Salmon Creek Road in Ludlowville, New York. She had so many happy times there with her family "Biddo" (her childhood nickname) wanted a lasting life memory to display in her present home. She wanted to take along with her, to share with her family and friends, the stories that were in her childhood home. And that's "Biddo" with her three dogs sitting on the front lawn near the house. She has her arm around her favourite dog, Ughs, the pitbull that is lying between the two Saint Bernards.

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