Many thanks to all of the wonderful good beings who supported my work over these twenty years.

Here in the future, feel free to use any of the thoughts and ideas that appear here, over into your own work. Try to create greater happiness in your life and in the life of others. Read into the depths of the presentations that appear in these pages.


At Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA., on June 26, 2013 in the Joab l Thomas building main lecture hall . . . At 7:30 p.m. it all happened:

For most of my life I have been thinking about. . . a way. . . humans-----each human-----all humans---- could create an energy (a way of thinking------a way of action) which would produce a constant balance----of solving the primary problems in life------simple or complex-------and simultaneously putting in place-----the happiness we all seek ---- the happiness which brings us a sense of genuine satisfaction-----in what we do.

Dr Yao Agawu Kakraba, director of the LEARNING EDGE ACADEMIC PROGRAM (LEAP) and the Office of Summer sessions at P.S.U. . . had invited me to deliver a one hour presentation followed by a half hour of comments and questions on the topic: "Accepting the Three Dimensions of Responsibility" (one's responsibility for self, one's responsibility for others and one's responsibility for the living earth). And I had prepared for this presentation during the month of May and the month of June 2013.

It was during these long hours of preparation (usually beginning at 4:00 AM) that I discovered------"the solution is synergy." (Patti M. Burgevin) Thus, if we add + 1 and +1 we will = 3. "Synergy is to produce results not attainable by any of the elements alone." (Wikipedia) "The value . . . is created primarily by the relationship among the parts, that is, how they are interconnected." (again Wikipedia) There is then an "emergent energy" made possible by the "co operative interaction" of the two parts.

Why isn't it possible-----how is it possible-------that one individual-----having discovered (learned) two elements, or two parts, of the basic and full meaning of life-------could adopt these two parts or elements into their being-----into their mind and thoughts------into their hearts and feelings----into their "words and their deeds" (H. Arendt) and thus have what they say and what they do connect to create "synergistic" solutions to life problems. Why not? It seems so simple------so easy to understand----- and with effort and energy, to do.

If I (we) could identify and if individuals could learn the essence of the two elements---this would lead, logically-----to the "solution is synergy" (Patti M. Burgevin). If individuals identified themselves as synergy solution individuals and moved into the co-operative creative side of being open to new solutions to the new problems we face in life------we would move forward, avoiding much of the unnecessary conflict, anger, competitive, depressing modes which follow us from the past. As A. Einstein wrote: "We cannot solve today's problems with yesterday's solutions . . ."

And so I put together--------a synergy------that can be used ----- that can be taught to others, to individuals, to groups of people-----and when understood and fixed in place-----it can be applied directly-------in a person's actions.

+ 1 the elements of personal responsibility that exist in all life situations

+1 the situational responses of love energy that can be applied in any life situation

= 3 the solution is synergy found in each situation with a deep and profound sense of optimistic insight and consequences.

If "we are in a state, a time, of moral decline" as Einstein wrote, ----we may be able to change direction-----and we may be able to do this by giving humans a new and different----a connected way------to discover solutions to the problems we face in life.

So, thanks to Dr. Yao Agawu Kakraba and to his staff----for inviting me to speak at Pennsylvania State University. Out of this effort, out of the energy-----came a new presentation------which I am anxious to give. Perhaps in the months ahead I can set aside time to put the "solution is synergy" (Patti M. Burgevin selected this title for the ideas included) into a written format. Perhaps a short piece comparable to one of the most amazing books ever written: Allen M. Wheelis, M.D. How People Change.